Demand Great Audio In Your Limousine

It’s always important to have rocking beats when you’re cruising in luxury. I mean, I like that blow your socks off good audio. When I’m cruising in style, I usually tend to go with Troy Limos. Sometimes you get one of those sedans where they cut corners and go with the el-cheapo sound system and it’s such a disappointment.

You should at least have a few 6x9s and some sub woofers in your limo. If it’s a party bus, you should probably go all out and get some Kicker 10’s to make sure there’s good low end. This company is pretty good too and has the newest fleet.

If you’re just riding around the corner, you can probably get away with something a little less impressive, but if you’re taking something like an airport shuttle headed to Ibiza, I’d pony up for the heavyweight sound system.

There are lots of school special events that you should want to ride out to with some jamming sounds, like graduation, prom, homecoming, sporting events or a senior overnight party.
It really should feel less like a limo and more light a nightclub. Just make sure you stay buckled up if they have some bazookas installed. Those are some of the hardest hitting woofers I’ve heard. They always make me want to stay in the car much longer than I plan to because the music is so good.

I’ve found that you get the best sound systems in hummer limos, or in Chrysler 300’s. Otherwise I’d go with a regular stretch limo.
Let me know what kind of limo service you end up getting from your next company and how the sounds are bumping.